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Previous Performances

“The Art of Isadora Duncan: Into the 21st Century ”
March 5, 2005 8 pm
Greenbelt Arts Center
Greenbelt, Maryland

A robust and spirited presentation of the Isadora Duncan technique within her dramatic and beautiful historical repertory, with new innovative choreography in the Duncan style to contemporary music composed exclusively for the performance. Complementary readings of poetry and drama by Barry Genderson as well as special Duncan Dance guest soloist Roberta Hoffman.

Highlights included: "Narcissus" and "Moment Musicale" to the music of
Chopin and Schubert by Duncan soloist Valerie Durham, "Revolutionary" to the music of Scriabin by guest Duncan soloist Roberta Hoffman and "The Furies" and "The Blessed Spirits" and "Bacchanale" to music by Gluck by the soloists and the ensemble of dancers.

New choreography in the Duncan style to the music of Tan Dun, Piazolla and local composer James Durham included dances entitled "Night Fight," "Tango" and "Titan Descent ." These contemporary works hope to fulfill Isadora's grand vision of the future of dance and to establish her technique in its rightful place as an evolving artform in today's dance world.

The sold-out audience delighted in the presentation of Isadora's classic works, and were enthralled with the performance of new works in the Duncan style choreographed by Valerie Durham. They broke into spontaneous applause for several of Barry Genderson's readings of poetry and drama. "Titan Descent," a work composed by James Durham and commemorating the historic landing of the Hugyens-Cassini probe on Saturn's moon Titan on January 14, 2005, was particularly well-received.

The Greenbelt Arts Center provided a wonderfully intimate setting for the Duncan work as well as the new choreography, and will be the site of future performances for The Duncan Dancers.
 - Annapolis Maryland - Copyright 2005 Valerie Durham